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Blackwater Ranch Audiobook Bundle

Blackwater Ranch Audiobook Bundle

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All six full-length audiobooks in the Blackwater Ranch Series with bonus audiobooks, A Thousand Words and Truth is a Whisper free!

Blackwater Ranch Series narrated by Lorana Hoopes.

A Thousand Words narrated by Jay Dyess and Lorana Hoopes.

Truth is a Whisper narrated by Lorana Hoopes. 

Books included in the bundle:

  • Remembering the Cowboy
  • Charmed by the Cowboy
  • Mistaking the Cowboy
  • Protected by the Cowboy
  • Keeping the Cowboy
  • Redeeming the Cowboy
  • Bonus Book 1: A Thousand Words
  • Bonus Book 2: Truth is a Whisper

Main Tropes

  • Second Chance Romance
  • Childhood Crush
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Fierce Protector
  • Single Dad
  • Redemption


Get ready to meet the Harding brothers of Blackwater Ranch. They're tough as nails, but they fall hard for the strong women who wrangle their hearts. Through heartbreaks, reunions, and celebrations, the Hardings will fight for love and the future of the ranch.Six full-length, contemporary western romances from USA Today bestselling author Mandi Blake!Remembering the CowboyShe thinks it’s a new beginning, but he knows it shouldn’t have ever ended. When threats are carried out, who will be left hurting at Blackwater Ranch?A friends to more amnesia romance.Charmed by the CowboyHe’ll hate her when he finds out why she left before, but when the time comes to say good-bye, her heart might be too attached to leave.A sweet second chance romance.Mistaking the CowboyHaley was so excited to meet the man she’d been chatting with online that she greeted him with a kiss only to find out she’d planted a big wet one on his brother instead!A witty mistaken identity romance.Protected by the CowboyWhen Laney’s past catches up to her, Micah won’t stop until he brings her home.A suspenseful protector romance.Keeping the CowboyWhen the opportunity of a lifetime leaves Jade with a decision to make, will she choose to follow the dreams of her past or to make this man and his son her future?A sweet single dad romance.Redeeming the CowboyWill helping Felicity pick up the pieces of her life give them both the new beginning they need or destroy everything they have left?A gripping redemption romance.

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