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All the Stars - Audiobook

All the Stars - Audiobook

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Gaining her trust won’t be easy. Earning her love will be nearly impossible.

Unfailing Love Series Book 5.

Listen to Sample:

Narrated by Lorana Hoopes.

5 hours and 58 minutes.

Main Tropes

  • Opposites Attract
  • Single Mom
  • Fierce Protector


Gaining her trust won’t be easy. Earning her love will be nearly impossible.  

Leah Manning is working to get back on her feet after her ex-husband disappeared one night, leaving her to raise their infant daughter alone. When a trip to a hardware store has her literally falling into the arms of its handsome owner, his charms are hard to resist. But he’s a stranger, and, to her, that means he can’t be trusted. Can she learn to let her faith be stronger than her fear? 

Brian Matthews has never met a stranger. A friend to everyone he meets, he can’t understand why Leah is determined to keep him at a distance. He only wants to help, but she can't accept that he only has the best intentions. It’s a good thing his love is patient.

Leah isn’t ready to let the love she feels for Brian override years of fear, and he’s tired of spending lonely nights playing songs on his guitar to fill the silence. What will it take to show Leah that Brian is the answer to her prayers?

All the Stars is book five in the Unfailing Love series, but the books can be read in any order.

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