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The Billionaire's Destined Bride - Signed Paperback

The Billionaire's Destined Bride - Signed Paperback

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She needs to save her company. He’s running from a public breakup. To get what they both want, they’ll have to make a deal.

Main Tropes

  • Billionaire
  • Marriage of Convenience
  • Fake Relationship


She needs to save her company. He’s running from a public breakup. To get what they both want, they’ll have to make a deal.

Sophia Hansen’s work is her life, putting her dreams of having a family on the back burner. But when her father declares his plans to step down as CEO of the family company, she must find a way to beat her scheming brother for the top spot, but it’ll come at a cost in the form of an alliance with a charming billionaire.

Cole Bradford is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the Pacific Northwest. After a public breakup with an A-list actress, he’s tired of hiding from the media. When his business partner, Sophia, expresses her concerns about the future of her company, he comes up with a plan to save both of their jobs… a proposal.

When their marriage of convenience turns into something more, will their love prevail, or will the ones who conspire against them succeed?

The Billionaire's Destined Bride is a clean, Christian romance. It's the eighth book in the Blushing Bride series, but each book can be read on its own.

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“You’re what?” Surely, she’d misheard. Sophia leaned forward in her chair and stared at her father in disbelief.

Martin Hansen steepled his fingers and propped his elbows atop his desk. “I’ll be stepping down from the position of CEO by the beginning of the year. I’ll retain my title as president.”

Her brother, Aiden, leaned forward in his chair. “It’s September, Dad. Caliber is your life. I don’t understand.”

Sophia was having a hard time grasping the words herself. Why would Dad leave the company? How could Dad leave the family business?

“I’ve paid my dues and worked my life away. I’m ready to do something new. I’ve been seeing a woman, and we plan to marry and tour Europe.”

“Are you kidding? You haven’t dated in years. You don’t have to leave your career for a woman. Take a vacation, but you’re too young to retire. This is ridiculous.” Aiden stood and turned toward the window wall with his fingers interlocked behind his neck.

Sophia didn’t understand, couldn’t fathom what this would mean for the future of the company. “Dad, what’s going to happen? Fifty thousand employees look up to you.”

Her father’s eyes were sincere as he reached out to her. She’d spent all of her twenty-six years with him, and now he was going off to travel the world with a woman he’d never even mentioned until now.

“Listen, you don’t need to worry. I wanted to tell you both first because this involves you the most. I have some big decisions to make soon, and I’ll need your help. First, I need to know where you both stand with Caliber.”

Her dad squeezed her hand, and she could feel the bad news coming.

“Sophia, do you plan to stay with the company?”

“Of course, Dad. I’ve been here every day. This company is all I have.” Sadly, it was true. Sophia had been born into an incredibly wealthy family, and true friends were hard to come by. Most people wanted her money or the amenities that came with her status. The few friends she had were here in this office.

Her dad tilted his head and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want a family? You’re always talking about kids.”

Aiden turned around and gave his undivided attention to the conversation.

Her blood ran cold as she replied, “Of course, I want kids, but I’m not even married. Kids aren’t in my immediate future.” Plus, she knew she would lose any chance at stepping into her father’s role if she slacked even a little. It was a precarious balancing act she performed every day.

Sophia knew what was happening, and she prayed for a way to stop it.

Aiden stepped closer and towered above her with his arms folded over his chest.

Their dad sighed and released her hand. “When I retire, a new CEO will be appointed.”

Was he trying to get her to concede the position to Aiden? Her brother would make a terrible CEO. He came in late, missed meetings, and had to be reminded of company policies. She wanted to scream the injustice into the room. How could she be so overlooked?

Her hard work amounted to nothing, as long as she looked like a fragile child. This wasn’t the first time her appearance had caused her trouble in the workplace. Sophia was petite and rail thin with sandy-blonde hair. Her innocent physical characteristics were a master disguise for her intelligence, and they did her no favors.

Right after college, Sophia had conducted an experiment and dyed her hair a rich mahogany color. Sure enough, she noticed the changes in how people managed business with her. They looked her in the eye, shook her hand with more force, and conversations were easier to foster. When she’d seen enough to know the problem, she’d changed her hair color back to blonde and rested easier knowing the problem was with them, not her.

But from her own father? How could he choose her lazy brother over her? She worked alongside her father every day, and she knew exactly what his job entailed. Her brother had distanced himself from them from day one and made no effort to close the gap.

She sat up straighter and swallowed the lump in her throat. “I’ve been right beside you, driving this company for years. I beg you not to discredit what I’ve done here.”

Aiden uncrossed his arms and leaned on their father’s desk. “But I’m your son, your legacy.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sophia couldn’t hide the indignation in her voice any longer.

Aiden turned to her with a creased brow. “It means this company was built by a man, and I can carry on that tradition.” Her brother would have been considered handsome, if his face wasn’t stuck in a continuous scowl.

She stood in a flash of movement and saw her brother’s dirt-brown eyes widen for a split second. Sophia Hansen was never bold, never assertive, and she certainly never raised her voice. Her words now were controlled, but they held their weight in meaning, not volume. “How sexist can you possibly be? I do my job well, and not just for a woman. I would challenge you to find a man—or woman—better suited for my job here.”

“Sweetie, no one is saying you don’t do a good job,” her father crooned.

Was her dad really talking to her as if she were a child?

“Don’t patronize me, Dad. You and I both know I’m the better fit for the position.”

Aiden threw his hands up in the air. “You can’t possibly think that.”

“Oh, I most certainly do,” Sophia retorted. “I take my job seriously, which can’t be said for you. You can’t even get to work on time, and your apartment is only a few blocks from here.”

Her father inserted himself into the fray. “That’s enough. I knew this would be difficult, and that’s why I’m taking my time to decide. I’ll be announcing my replacement and stepping down on New Year’s Eve.”

Without a second’s delay, Aiden stormed from the room, leaving her standing alone before her father.

When the silence stretched before them, Sophia huffed a breath and said, “I didn’t know you were considering this. You could have confided in me. You never even introduced me to your girlfriend.”

She’d always been on the same page with her father. Running Caliber together required constant communication. It was rare that anything between them was surprising, but here she was, stunned and caught off-guard.

Martin stood and moved around the desk. He took her hand in his and focused his attention there. She knew what he was seeing. Her manicured fingernails painted the faintest color of blush, her delicate fingers, her unmarred skin—it would all discredit her ability to run a Fortune 500 company, much less one that produced power tools. She was too fragile to play with the big dogs, the men.

She tugged her hand from his, and her father’s gaze met hers. Her father began, “I’ve always enjoyed our time together, but I’ve lived alone for so long, without a woman, I want to spend some time doing things I didn’t do before. I know I wasn’t always there for your mother, but I’m getting old, and it’s time to change.”

He was right. He hadn’t been there for Mom, but how could Sophia fault him for trying to do things differently with the second chance he’d been given?

“Who is she?” she asked.

“I met her at my cardiologist’s office a few months ago. She’s a nurse, and she’s a good woman.”

Months. How had he been juggling the company and his secret relationship for so long?

“I’m happy for you, Dad. I’d love to meet her when you’re ready.” She tried to hold her smile, but it was slipping. His words, his implication from a moment ago, still stung behind her eyes.

“Soon, sweetie.”

She needed to go. Her false confidence wouldn’t hold much longer.

“I have a meeting with Cole Bradford at seven. I should be going.”

Cole Bradford and his father co-owned Bradford Hardware, the top chain of building supply stores in the country. They were Caliber’s main distributor, and it was her job to make sure they were happy with Caliber’s product and service. She met with Mr. Bradford once every quarter to discuss business updates and changes.

“Do you plan to tell him about the LED upgrade for the interchangeable battery pack?” Martin asked.

“I intend to tonight. He’ll be pleased.”

“Of course. Your ideas are always ingenious.”

She didn’t look at him as she gathered her bag and notepad. “Thank you, Dad. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sweetie, wait.”

She stopped with her hand on the doorknob but didn’t turn back to him.

“I do intend to spend some time abroad with Nancy. I want to take her to my homeland for a while. She’ll love Norway.”

Sophia could hear the happiness in her father’s voice, but the ache in her chest wouldn’t recede. He’d just turned her life upside down. She wanted to be happy for him, but a sting of jealousy reminded her that he’d never had the time to take her to Norway, yet he was willing to whisk a stranger away.

“But if you were to… start a family, I would want to be here for that.”

He knew she wanted a family of her own, but that dream would have to take a back seat now more than ever if she wanted to save this company, because it would certainly crumble under her brother’s leadership. She hated that he was using her desire for children to coax her into conceding the position to Aiden.

“Maybe one day, Dad.” She opened the door and left without saying good-bye.

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